About Us

About Us

We moved to the central coast in 2013 and are still exploring as much as we can.
When moving here we found out that it was very hard to find information about parks, and other areas in one location.
The information was spread everywhere, and with two small kids it was very hard to find what we wanted to know.

We wanted to know specifics, like does the bathroom have a changing table or are they clean. Do they allow dogs at this park, or where can I rent a bike?
Most of all we wanted photos, but even public websites were lacking, or poorly laid out.

So we decided to create a site that would showcase all of our travels and hopefully help others find the hidden gems in the area, and let them know what to expect before they get here.

Our goal is simple, to make your vacation or weekend trip to the beautiful California central coast one you won't forget. 

The Fischer Family.

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About Us

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